JBK Unmanned Systems

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Who We Are

JBK Unmanned Systems provides aerial and underwater photography and videography for a variety of industries and government agencies. We provide drone and underwater ROV services to clients ranging from advertising and marketing companies, engineering and insurance companies to public safety agencies for SAR, managing large events and special investigations.


JBK is focused on providing the most up-to-date equipment and services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. The JBK team is comprised of seasoned professional in a variety of fields. This background includes law enforcement, emergency management including FEMA operations, firefighting, investigations, inspections, special events operations as well as professional video and photography.

Unmanned equipment, ex. drones or submersibles, can provide a very cost effective alternative to using manned vehicles. Unmanned vehicles and systems operate at a fraction of what manned systems operate. More importantly, unmanned systems can be placed in environments that manned systems find too hazardous or incapable of operating in.

Anyone can pick up a flight controller and say they know how to fly a sUAV or operate a ROV. The JBK team brings professionalism and award winning experience to completely fulfil a clients needs. We strive to help our customer take advantage of an emerging and exciting technology.

Why Us?


When operating in environments that are dynamic and unpredictable, safety needs to be of the utmost importance. The team at JBK have years of experience witnessing the aftermath of natural and man-made acts that lead to injury and property damage. Safety of our personnel, bystanders and equipment is our #1 priority. JBK has spent many hours developing pilot/operator handbooks and emergency procedures, insuring safe operations and the handling of an emergency should such incidents arise.



The operation of these new technologies is outside the realm of general business liability. In fact, general business liability specifically excludes aerial operations. Therefore, JBK has secured liability insurance specific for our operations to help protect us and our clients.

FAA Rules

JBK has received a FAA 333 exemption which is required in order to fly sUAV’s commercially. Our pilots meet FAA licensing requirements and we strive to meet all current FAA regulations and policies. The FAA has proposed major rule changes and these proposed changes will not be effective until 2017. JBK proudly meets the more stringent rules that currently exist.



With the rising cost of salaries, equipment purchases or leases and ongoing maintenance, JBK understands the need to look for ways to reduce operating budgets. By hiring JBK, clients are given the chance to employ high quality, up-to-date equipment at a fraction of the cost of owning and maintaining these very costly systems.